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Cardiff Table Tennis & Pool

Cardiff Table Tennis & Pool

Tenpin Cardiff keeps you entertained with more than just bowling; table tennis and pool are a great way of keeping the fun going all day long! 

How to Play

To enjoy our table tennis and pool tables in Cardiff, there is no need to book your table online, just head into our site with your friends or family and see who comes out victorious! Who doesn't love some friendly competition?

If you need any assistance with getting your fun started, just speak to a member of our friendly Tenpin staff upon your arrival and they will help you to get your game on at our tables.


Head into our site to see the great prices and enjoy Tenpin's exciting activities!

Also at Tenpin Cardiff

Reckon you can take on your friends at more than just bowling? Try and beat them at air hockey or table tennis and pool as well! With the brilliant deals and big range of activities at Tenpin Cardiff, there really isn't anywhere that compares. If bowling is your thing, then jump on the lanes and try bowling in Cardiff.