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Acton Table Tennis & Pool

Acton Table Tennis & Pool

Are you looking for pool tables or table tennis in London? If so, Tenpin Acton is where you need to be! With 5 tables for table tennis and plenty of pool tables too, we've got you covered for whatever your choice of ball whacking is.

There is no need to book your table online, just head into Tenpin Acton with your friends or family and see who comes out victorious! Speak to reception upon your arrival and they will help you to book your table. 


Pool Table deposits are £2 for 2 players & £5 for 4 players. 


Table Tennis:
From £4.00 for 30 minutes
From £7.00 for 60 minutes
From £1.50 per game

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Also, you can enjoy our main attraction and go bowling in Acton at one of our 32 bowling lanes. 

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