We are now taking bookings for our English centres from the 17th May. If this opening date has to change, we will of course rearrange or refund your booking. 

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York Laser Arena

York Laser Arena

Tenpin York's Sector 7 Laser Arena is the perfect way for adrenaline seekers to have some heart pounding fun in this fully interactive laser shoot 'em up. To book, simply click on the menu at the top and select the number of players you want. Your group will have sole access to the arena to play.

How To Book Laser Arena 

To book your laser arena experience, click on Activities in the Quick Book top navigation and select the number of players you want to book for. Once booked, your group will have sole use of the arena.

For a full list of our laser arena terms and conditions, please click here.


£30 for 30 minutes for up to 6 people

Sector 7 Laser Tag

Laser Arena Parties

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