We are now taking bookings for our English centres from the 17th May. If this opening date has to change, we will of course rearrange or refund your booking. 

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Camberley Table Tennis & Pool

Camberley Table Tennis & Pool

We don't just have bowling at Tenpin Camberley! Bring your friends along to play Table Tennis from £4, or American pool for just £1.50.

Deposits are £2 for 2 players & £5 for 4 players. Please ask staff for details.


Table Tennis:
From £4.00 for 30 minutes
From £7.00 for 60 minutes
From £1.50 per game

Also at Tenpin Camberley

Feeling famished? At Tenpin Camberley we have an array of food and drink available throughout the day. We also offer bowling in Camberley to keep you entertained.