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Bowling Tips

Bowl like a pro with our top tips

Want to lose the bumpers, get out of the gutter and impress with your lightning strike? Consider this your cheat sheet - our top tips tell you everything you need to know to bowl like a pro. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone…

Be picky
Choose your ball carefully - if it's too light it'll be hard to control, and a heavy ball will lack the momentum it needs to knock the pins down! Make sure your grip is comfortable and you can release the ball easily.

Slide into it
Make sure you slide on the opposite foot to the hand you're bowling with. Sliding helps the momentum of the ball and gives it extra power to really knock those pins down.

Go all the way
When bowling, don't stop when your arm reaches the side of your body. Keep it going all the way forward and you'll be more precise and powerful.

Feet on the floor
Extend the arm you don't bowl with to help keep your balance. You don't want to fall over at a crucial moment!

Twinkle toes
Keep your steps smooth and small as you go for that all-important swing, and make sure your hips and shoulders are squared with the pins. Point your swing where you want your ball to go and you're on target for that strike!

Paying attention?
Look straight ahead and keep those pins in your sight. Don't step over the black foul line - if you do, any pins you knock down won't count towards your score. So keep your eyes open!

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