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Bowling Explained

Here at Tenpin we like to make bowling easy and fun, so below we have explained some of the words you may hear used and also how to score.


When all 10 pins are knocked down with one ball. You get 10 points for these pins, plus the points of the next 2 balls thrown.


All 10 pins are knocked down with 2 consecutive balls. You get 10 points for this plus the points of the pins that the next ball knocks down.


A game consists of 10 frames (or turns) per person.


A frame is one turn.

Foul Line

This is the black line at the start of the lane.


You will receive a foul if you step over the foul line.

A Double

This is when you get 2 strikes in a row.

A Turkey

This is if you get 3 strikes in a row.


This is the sections either side of the lane where the ball ends up if they come off the lane or you miss.
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