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Want to know how to beat your friends and family before you arrive at bowling? Watch our masterclass videos below where you will learn from bowling champion Rob Thurlby.​
See how to choose the correct bowling ball, how to deliver the best approach and finally the release, to ensure you get a strike EVERY TIME.

More bowling hints and tips


When all pins are knocked down with one ball. You get 10 points for these pins, plus the points of the next two balls thrown.


All 10 pins are knocked down with 2 consecutive balls. You get 10 points for this plus the points from the pins that your next bowl knocks down.


One turn - you get two chances to knock down the pins within one frame.

Foul Line

The is the black line at the start of the lane.


You will receive a foul if you step over the foul line.

A Double

When you get two strikes in a row.

A Turkey

3 strikes in a row.


This is the sections either side of the lane where the ball ends up if they come off the lane or you miss.


A Barmaid

A pin you can't see because it's hidden behind another pin.

A Burner

A bowling pin that stays standing even though it's been hit by the ball or another pin.


When the ball lands loudly on the lane after it's been thrown in the air.


A left-handed bowler


Four strikes in a row.

Ham-turkey dinner

Seven strikes in a row (that's a turkey and a hambone added together).

Golden Turkey

Nine strikes in a row.

Ever visited Tenpin and been bowled over by a group of talented bowlers getting all the attention from the speeds of their bowling? Onlookers can only stand with gaping mouths admiring speeds they probably haven't seen since Superman sneezed! 

Here's a helpful checklist you can use to increase the speed your ball travels down the lane. We've highlighted 4 key things that will have you whizzing balls down the lane in no time, so think F.A.S.T. Bowling is all about physics, (go figure). How you position yourself, how you use gravity to your advantage and at what angle you throw the ball.  Before you start, you must make sure you choose the right bowling ball.

F is for Focus

We see no end of people checking out the talent on the lane next to them, or looking down at the floor as they bowl. We occasionally see people looking up at the ceiling, but the less said about that the better (bowling balls and ceilings don't mix)!  Focus on the pins!  This will help keep your head up and momentum going forward as you release the ball.  More momentum = more speed, simples.

A is for Angle

The height at which you raise the ball is a major deciding factor that determines the overall travelling speed down the lane. As you approach the Foul line, raise the ball high behind you, using a straight arm. You're looking for a nice steep angle (a number of pro's aim for 45 degrees) so that gravity can work its magic on the ball, accelerating down into your swing. Release the ball right at the bottom of your swing, and follow through with your arm afterwards*.

S is for Spin

Actually it's for Spin Less! (We couldn't make it too easy now could we?!). Backspin on the ball makes it 'fight' the forward momentum, slowing it down. To get a reliable action for that elusive strike, many bowlers put an element of sidespin on the ball. For pure speed though, you want forward rolling balls only! Bounce will also kill your speed. Be smooth. (There's a bumper sticker slogan if I've ever seen one!).

T is for Take

'Take an extra step'. OK, OK so we're clutching at straws with the 'FAST' acronym! Anyway, taking an additional step helps increases your momentum to the Foul line.  As we saw in the letter 'F' above, more momentum = more speed!Good luck! Leave us a comment on Facebook letting us know how you get on and remember to post your top speeds too!

Learn How to Increase Your Bowling Score 

Do you sometimes finish a game and feel dissatisfied with the result, while your friends are celebrating your defeat? Well it's time to fight back!  We will teach you how to improve your game, increase your scores and show off a few skills.

Step 1. 

Choose the right ball for you. This may seem pretty basic but it can be the difference between winning or losing. Choose a ball that you feel comfortable holding. One that isn't too heavy and allows your arm to remain relaxed as you swing. Maybe practice your swing a few times and see how it feels. If the ball is too heavy, try a lighter weight.

Step 2. 

Focus on your target. Try to align your target with the edge of your shoulder, try doing this throughout your approach and into the release.

You may think that once the bowling ball has left your hands that that's it. Well that's not the case. A very important tip actually comes after you have released the ball. Practise letting your hand follow the ball to the target after the release. If your hand follows through in the same direction you're more likely to hit those pins!

Step 3. 

Bend your knees. Make sure you bend your knees allowing you to get lower to the lane on the last step.

Step 4. 

Increase your bowling speed but remember not to lose control!

Choose a lightweight ball and walk a little faster when taking your approach. Put some force behind your swing but don't tense up. Why not try curving the ball to increase your speed and accuracy. 

Step 5. 

Practice makes perfect! Practice your swing, practice your release, practice different techniques and watch out for more tips on how to improve your game.

Try these quick tips on your next visit to Tenpin and tweet us how you got on @tenpin_bowling

We can't all be pro-bowlers and chances are you won't be throwing strikes every time you bowl.  So we've pulled together a few pointers to help you get that oh-so-elusive spare and bump up your score a little.

A little to the right?

Take a look at what's left on the lane. Are the remaining pins on the left or the right? The rule of thumb is to stand on the opposite side to the pins that are still standing. So if you have spare pins on the left then you'll need to move yourself a little to the right for your second shot. Equally, if there are spare pins on the right, you'll need to move a little to the left.  If the only pin that's left standing is the one on the very right or the very left, then you'll need to stand all the way over on the opposite side.

Alternatively, you may find that there are still pins left in the middle.  In this case, you should stay in the centre and bowl in the same manner as you did on the first shot.

Aiming for Gold

Next, it's time to adjust your aim.  Look at the arrows on the floor in front of you and the arrows on the lane.  They are there to help guide your aim.  You'll need to line your shot up with both the dots and the arrows to hit the pins you are aiming for.  Use these markers as you bowl and it should increase your chances of getting a spare.

Of course, practice makes perfect, so don't expect to get it right, the first time.  Learn how your arm moves and watch where the bowling ball is going each time then adjust your aim and placement accordingly.

Happy Bowling!