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What Does the Future Hold for Bowling?


Over the years, technological advances have made huge differences to the way we bowl, and changed the way bowlers need to play in order to win.

Within the last 20 years, bowling balls have gone high-tech. Manufacturers have used sophisticated physics to create balls that are almost magnetically attracted to the pins. These balls are coated in plastic that grips the lanes and keeps the ball running down the centre, and the lanes are oiled to effectively steer the ball into the pins.

While this has made it much more fun for social bowlers, as you're much more likely to score a strike, professionals have complained that it's much harder to win when everyone's scoring so highly.

So what might the future hold? Here are our (getting gradually more far-fetched) ideas…

Remote Matches

With big screen technology and e-Scoring, you could match up against a team in a venue on the other side of the country - or even on the other side of the world!  Wouldn't it be fun to celebrate your birthday with a bowling match against friends or relations in Australia?

You'd have to ensure it's fair though: with independent judges checking the teams' bowling balls and lanes to ensure the same speed and accuracy.

Effortless Bowling

Ever complained about the weight of the bowling ball? Maybe in the future they'll be made of a Kryptonian compound that combines the mass of today's ball (so they travel at the same speed and knock down the pins in the same way) with a lightness that means they don't hurt if they fall on your foot.

Yogic Bowling

For anyone who feels that technological changes have made it too easy to score a strike, why not have pins that levitate and move about as the ball travels towards them? A heat-seeking element in the ball would help it find the targets - or it could be guided by the bowler wearing a special telepathic headpiece.

Ok so maybe that's going too far, but we can dream. Watch this space …

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