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Secrets to Curving a Bowling Ball

Curving a bowling ball (also known as hooking a bowling ball) is a technique where the bowling ball curves in it's path down the lane, in contrast to a straight shot. We use this technique as the bowling ball will hit the pins with more force and accuracy… and will make you look like a pro! 

First things first.  Is the ball too heavy?  A heavier bowling ball is not always the best bowling ball (read blog post from 28 August).  You must be able to hold it comfortably so that it does not affect your swing.  A good trick is to stand tall and hold the ball with your bowling hand. Swing the ball back and forth and repeat this motion a few times to judge if the ball has made your arms heavy or tired.  Once you have found the right ball you are ready to begin.This blog will guide you through the process and give you a few tips to get you on your way.  This technique takes determination and practice, so there's no excuse for not booking that lane.  There's a few different techniques to curving a ball, we recommend you try this one to get you started.

Place your middle finger in the left hole and your index finger in the right hole with your thumb resting in the last hole.

Cup the ball so that it's resting on you wrist, as you start coming out of your back swing to release the bowling ball, the first thing to remember is the ball must roll off of your hand.  As you release you need to spin the ball as hard as you can.  For right-handers the ball should spin from right to left (for left-handers it will spin left to right).  Try not to force your wrist or move your arm sideways across your body as this will make the ball hard to control.

For a good curve, side-spin is ideal, so watch the ball as it travels down the lane to see how much side spin you are achieving. 

Remember the follow-through, as you release your arm you should continue to swing forward and towards your target.

Pro Tip: To help control your curve, aim for a specific arrow (you'll see these marked on the lane a metre or so from the foul line), then watch where the ball is as it reaches the pins.  Videos of your best curves welcome @tenpin_bowling.  Send us a link and we may include some on our blog.




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