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Bowling Self-Confidence


When it comes to simple, fun ways to socialise, bowling is right up there. But did you know a trip to a bowling alley can also help you build self-confidence? After all, bowling can be played and enjoyed by anyone, so it offers a level playing field (or alley!) where all you need to think about is taking part and enjoying yourself.

What is Self-Confidence?

Exercise benefits aside, we all like to feel confident in ourselves whether we're athletic or not. But what is self-confidence? Most people would define it as feeling comfortably in control and confident in your ability to succeed. In our book, anything that makes you feel like that is something well worth doing - and often!

Come Out of Your Shell

Feeling shy? Going bowling offers a light-hearted way to interact with people and get to know them in a relaxed situation. Cheer each other on, congratulate good shots, commiserate with unlucky ones - with the pressure off, all you need to do is enjoy each other's company.

Hitting your first pin is always an exciting moment that's sure to get you hooked on bowling. So when you start to knock over more and more and eventually score yourself a strike - there's sure to be cheering all round and you'll be feeling great about yourself in no time!

The Endorphin Effect

Let's not forget that bowling is a physical activity so it can have all kinds of positive effects. It can help you to lose weight and get more toned - which always boosts self-confidence. Plus, when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These trigger a positive feeling in the body which can help you achieve a more positive outlook on life.

Sounds Like Team Spirit

Hitting your local bowling alley with your friends can help give you a sense of belonging. Research has shown that spending time as a group can help people develop a sense of identity, create positive connections and build their self-esteem.

And, of course, the excitement when you win as a team is always great for everyone's confidence! 

Remember, you may not be the only one worrying about your lack of self-confidence. Even those who seem to be bursting with energy may be hiding their anxieties. So make sure you congratulate your team members (and your opponents too!) and be supportive when people are struggling.

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