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Bowling and a Belly Full of Laughs

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Want to work out those abs? Improve your circulation? Generally feel happier and healthier in life? Turns out all you really need is a good giggle. So gather your closest friends for a game of bowling and get ready to chuckle your way to a happier day. Want to know more? Here's the science bit:

Tone-up and Relax

Yes, a hearty laugh with your friends has been proven to tone your abdominal muscles. Add this to the calories you'll burn off bowling strike after strike (we believe in you!) and you've got the best kind of exercise. Plus, laughter relaxes your whole body, so afterwards you'll be walking on air.

Give Your Body a Boost

Every time you laugh your body releases endorphins, those wonderfully happy hormones. Not only can this lift your mood but they've also been known to temporarily relieve pain. You also get a great little boost to your immune system, with an increase in immune cells and the antibodies that fight infections (bonus!).

Protect Your Heart

A laugh a day can help keep your heart healthy. Laughter has a positive impact on your circulation, helping your blood flow more easily. In turn this helps protect you against heart problems, which is why bowling is such a great sport for the whole family to get involved with at any age.

All in all, bowling is the ideal way to stay fit, active and healthy, and the best part is that it's also fun! So next time you hit a Tenpin centre just remember, it's better for your body when you bowl badly and laugh, than when you get a perfect score (or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves).

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