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Best Alternatives for Bowling Balls

We love bowling. You love bowling. Everyone loves bowling. Some people love bowling so much they've decided to strike out (groan) and come up with alternative uses for the humble bowling ball. From high art to Hollywood, prepare to be inspired.

Garden Ornaments

Well, you can't really put them in the recycling bin, can you? Crafty bowlers have discovered new ways to up cycle old balls into garden ornaments. Get some glue and get creative; cover them in beads, buttons, pennies, shells, mosaic or mirror tiles. Or just spray paint them to look like ladybirds or bumble bees. The kids'll love 'em.

Recycle Bowling Balls

Crime Fighting

1999's Mystery Men starred Jeneane Garofolo as The Bowler, who floored her enemies with a Perspex ball containing the ghostly skull of her dead father. Don't worry, you won't find anything so ghoulish on our Tenpin racks. Only bright, polished, colourful balls in just the right size and weight.

Bowling Ball Billiards

Fancy a game of Knokkers? Some bright spark decided to combine two of his favourite games, bowling and billiards, to make what looks like a giant pool table, but with bowling balls. Knokkers is yet to hit UK shores, so you'll have to visit LA if you want to try it for yourself.

Zombie Slaying

According to Woody Harrelson's character in comedy-horror Zombieland, rule #15 of fighting zombies requires a bowling ball. "Preferably, 16lbs. Don't use the pink one" he tells us. So if you need a place to hide out come the apocalypse, make it Tenpin. When you're not fighting off the un-dead you can make the most of our fantastic bowling, pool, arcade, laser and cafe facilities.

As Art

Artist Eung Ho Park took 126 bright and beautiful bowling balls and strung them up to make a Bowling Ball Curtain measuring 16ft long. It currently hangs in the lobby of an NYC school, inspiring students with "its deceiving airiness and unsettling heaviness". Beautiful.

Still, there's nothing quite like using a bowling ball for its original intended purpose; hearing it clunk onto the boards, shimmy down the lane and then smash into every pin. See you at your nearest Tenpin.


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