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Are we losing the ability to interact

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Are we Losing the Ability to Interact?

In today's non-stop, highly-pressurised, technology-obsessed world, it seems that social interactions are becoming less about quality face-to-face time and more about thumb-to-screen time. Social media have sped up our relationships and extended our boundaries - but in many ways they also restrict our lives, (ironically, we are blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting this article!).

Are we losing the ability to interact with each other in a simple, straightforward way? Are we forgetting how to work as a team and communicate with our voices rather than our keypads? Perhaps. But not to worry, for the magic of bowling can help us get back to basics. Here's how.

Mix and Mingle

Bowling is a simple, enjoyable way to socialise with your friends and make new ones. It's an easy, relaxing way to connect. One person plays their shot while the other bowlers chat, catching up with news and discussing tactics. Research has shown that spending time together in a group can help people develop a sense of identity, create positive connections and build self-esteem.

So start spending some quality time with your friends and create those lasting relationships that are guaranteed to make you feel happier.

Team Talk

Bowling also helps you to play within a team for a common goal. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when you work together for a hard-earned win. You feel successful, appreciated and on top of the world!

Even losing has its benefits - after all, if you try hard to win but still lose in the end, you can be sure you've really pushed yourself to the limit.  And that's an achievement in itself.

Sharing is Caring

As well as the ability to work with others, relationships can also benefit from the ability to share how you feel - and you'll find that happens a lot on the lanes.

You're in a relaxed situation among friends, you're having fun, you're excited about winning, or fired up because you're losing… so your emotions are bubbling and it's easier to express yourself. If you're shy or lacking in confidence, just start with easy stuff - like cheering on your team mates, acknowledging good shots, sympathising with misses - and as you get to know your team (and opponents) better, you can relax into more in-depth conversations.

All in all, a trip to the lanes can help you build your emotional intelligence, share your feelings and boost your confidence levels. So after you've booked a lane on your mobile, switch it off and head on down to your local Tenpin and start interacting with new friends!


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