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HyperBowling is the evolutionary new way to bowl in Tenpin Cheshire Oaks. Score high points by bouncing your bowling ball off the lanes before striking down the pins. Make sure your targeting is accurate as you aim for specific coloured LED lights on the bumpers. It's a great way for all abilities to get involved in the new bowling evolution. HyperBowling has many different games to play, so gather a group of people and try them all. For more information about HyperBowling click here.

HyperBowling is only available to book inside the Cheshire Oaks centre or via the call centre on 0871 222 3675.

Opening hours

Fri & Sat
10am - 11pm
10am - midnight
10am - 11pm
10am - midnight
10am - 1am
10am - 11pm
Same as normal hours
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