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HyperBowling in Acton 

You've been bowling before, but have you ever been HyperBowling?

If you're looking for Bowling in West London, you need to head into Tenpin Acton (the home of indoor activities in London) and give this exciting activity a go!

HyperBowling is the evolution of bowling where you score more points by bouncing your bowling ball off the coloured LED lit bumpers before striking the pins. It's a great way for people of all bowling abilities to get involved in the fun.

HyperBowling has many different games to play and is available to book every day of the week through the call centre, or while you are at the entertainment centre in Acton. So gather a group of people together and try your skill on the different types of games. 


From £6.75 per game

From £8.25 per game


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