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HyperBowling in Acton

HyperBowling in Acton 

HyperBowling is the evolution of bowling where you score more by targeting and bouncing your bowling ball off the coloured LED lit bumpers before striking the pins. A great way for all abilities to get involved in the fun. HyperBowling has many different games to play and is available to book at the call centre and in location every day of the week. So gather a group of people together and try your skill on the game types. For more information about HyperBowling click here.

Hyper Wednesday - £24.99 for 1 hour of play for up to 6 players

Enjoy midweek fun with Hyper Wednesday. This special deal is available to to book online only and for a special price of £24.99 for an hour of play for up to 6 players. Hyper Wednesday is only available to book online and cannot be booked in the bowling alley or call centre. 


Junior From £6.75 per play Adult From £8.25 per play Hyper Wednesday £24.99 p

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