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Gallery Bowling Lanes

How To Bowl Faster

Ever visited Tenpin and been bowled over by a group of talented bowlers getting all the attention from the speeds of their bowling? Onlookers can only stand with gaping mouths admiring speeds they probably haven't seen since Superman sneezed! 

Here's a helpful checklist you can use to increase the speed your ball travels down the alley.

We've highlighted 4 key things that will have you whizzing balls down the lane in no time, so think F.A.S.T. Bowling is all about physics, (go figure). How you position yourself, how you use gravity to your advantage and at what angle you throw the ball.  Before you start, you must make sure you choose the right bowling ball.

F is for Focus

We see no end of people checking out the talent on the lane next to them, or looking down at the floor as they bowl. We occasionally see people looking up at the ceiling, but the less said about that the better (bowling balls and ceilings don't mix)!  Focus on the pins!  This will help keep your head up and momentum going forward as you release the ball.  More momentum = more speed, simples.

A is for Angle

The height at which you raise the ball is a major deciding factor that determines the overall travelling speed down the lane. As you approach the Foul line, raise the ball high behind you, using a straight arm. You're looking for a nice steep angle (a number of pro's aim for 45 degrees) so that gravity can work its magic on the ball, accelerating down into your swing. Release the ball right at the bottom of your swing, and follow through with your arm afterwards*.

S is for Spin

Actually it's for Spin Less! (We couldn't make it too easy now could we?!). Backspin on the ball makes it 'fight' the forward momentum, slowing it down. To get a reliable action for that elusive strike, many bowlers put an element of sidespin on the ball. For pure speed though, you want forward rolling balls only! Bounce will also kill your speed. Be smooth. (There's a bumper sticker slogan if I've ever seen one!).

T is for Take

'Take an extra step'. OK, OK so we're clutching at straws with the 'FAST' acronym! Anyway, taking an additional step helps increases your momentum to the Foul line.  As we saw in the letter 'F' above, more momentum = more speed!

Good luck! Leave us a comment on Facebook letting us know how you get on and remember to post your top speeds too!