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After Bowling, Play Table Tennis like Forrest Gump

Blog Improve Scores 15 May 

Table Tennis, is good, old-fashioned fun.  We've got some great tips to improve your game.  So next time you've finished bowling you can play your hand on the Table with a smaller lighter ball.  Read this blog for all you need to know to play.

Just remember, it's the taking part that counts.

Be Unpredictable

Mix up your batting speed to throw your opponent off. Take short shots and long shots aimed at different sides of the table. If you dare to test yourself, vary it by putting a spin on the ball.


If you're not particularly skilled when it comes to aim or backspin, ditch the fancy moves and rely on consistency.  Focus on the return, on simply keeping the ball in play for as long as possible. Sooner or later, your opponent will get bored or overconfident and slip up somewhere.  When they do, go for the slam dunk equivalent of table tennis!

See Though The Spin

Learn to identify what kind of spin your opponent is using, and then counteract it. If they move the paddle (bat) from low to high when they hit, they're adding topspin; counteract it by hitting the ball above the centre.  If their paddle moves from high to low, that's backspin; return the ball by hitting it below the centre.

Float Like a Butterfly

Mohammad Ali knew the value of fancy footwork. If you're left-handed, stand slightly left of the middle (right of the middle if you're right handed). Try to get into the habit of taking a step forward with every strike of the ball. Then step back again, ready for the next stroke. If you don't have time to move your feet, at least move your body with the ball. Putting your whole self behind each stroke will give you more precision and power.

As with all things, practice makes perfect. So if at first you don't succeed… there's always reliable bowling, the arcades, the pool tables and Sector 7 Laser!


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